The Terra Project is a large scale community science project which tracks bird and animal migration at an unprecedented level of detail.

Terra Devices connect users to the nature around them, while contributing to a massive new scientific database.

Terra is a subsidiary of Cellular Tracking Technology, a leading manufacturer of wildlife tracking devices located in Cape May, New Jersey.

Terra is using a for-profit/non-profit hybrid model to crowdsource conservation in partnership with Conservation Science Global.

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What Does Terra Do?

Terra is a weatherproof device with two microphones, a radio receiver and a bluetooth transceiver that can be placed in the ground or mounted on a wall or railing.

Terra can:

Stream live audio from the yard to speakers or headphones with the included app

Stream live audio from curated wild sites around the world

Help identify the birds and animals in your yard with sound detection and analysis

Detect radio-tagged birds that fly within several km

Listen for and upload bird sounds to a central database for researchers and conservationists

Why is Terra Important?

Terra approaches conservation from two angles.

First, it connects people to their local wildlife, which makes environmental issues more personal and important to them.

Second, and on a larger scale, Terra crowdsources conservation by distributing Terra devices across the globe. We will increase the amount of data about bird migration and populations by an order of magnitude.

Terra takes advantage of the fact that migrating birds make sounds called flight calls, which are distinct for every species. By listening to those sounds, Terra can continuously track which and how many species are overhead and on the ground.

Current technology for tracking uses individual devices attached to individual birds. Terra takes a different approach by listening to all the birds migrating, not just one. In the US alone, that means following 3.5 billion birds each spring and fall!

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The Terra Project is an exciting new collaboration between bird guide author Scott Whittle, wildlife tracker manufacturer CTT, and non-profit Conservation Science Global.  With two microphones and a radio receiver, each Terra device connects people to the wildlife around them, while creating a massive database of bird and animal sounds for conservation.  It lets you listen to the outdoors from inside, even with your windows closed; listen to specially curated wild places worldwide; and use optional sensors to check the weather, your gardens moisture level and flooding alerts; all while building a worldwide network that will be an important new tool for researchers.  Terra raised over $280,000 on Kickstarter.  Check out their website at to find out more, or visit their ongoing Indiegogo campaign at

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Terra is an exciting new device that lets you listen to the wildlife around you, while contributing to a massive database of bird and animal sounds for conservation.  Check out their website at to find out more and support their ongoing fundraising campaign.