The Terra Team is Ready to Start!

We have all the resources and experience needed to make Terra a reality. Now all we need is you!

Scott Whittle


Scott is a bird expert and author. His passion for the natural world has led to  co-authoring The Warbler Guide, the Warbler Guide App, and working on the Birdgenie app. He is excited at the idea of making technology that will bring people closer to nature, and help nature thrive alongside people.

Mike Lanzone


Mike is the founder and CEO of CTT, a leading manufacturer and innovator of wildlife trackers. His life-long dedication to birds and wildlife have led to conservation and research projects all over the globe.  His vision for the role of technology in conservation is inspiring, and his goals for Terra are unlimited.

Casey Halverson


Casey is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of CTT. Using his software, electronics, and radio frequency skill set, he developed the original line of GSM wildlife tracking devices when the company was founded. He has since moved on to managing the company’s operations as well as evolving the company’s product line. 

The Warbler Guide and app are critically acclaimed guides to the beloved group of birds called warblers. The innovations it introduced in presenting information and helping birders to learn have been echoed in dozens of books and apps since.

CTT is has been a leader in wildlife tracking technology for over twelve years, and has supported hundreds of research projects on all seven continents.  It has all the connections and experience to manufacture Terra to the highest standards.

Five Agency is an award-winning development and design firm based in New York City. FIVE has worked with a wide variety of clients in creating real-world solutions for real-life problems. They love to make apps that are elegant, effective and intuitive for the user.

CSG is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting science, research and education around conservation issues worldwide.  They host the Terra non-profit fund, which develops and promotes the Terra network.